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Wooden ships. First kit and planking. by Bob Portsmouth
This is my first build, Artesania's Jolie Brise, a French pilot cutter still sailing. Single planked with 2mm thick basswood planks. Luckily the paint covers the multiple layers of filler I used out of desperation. I knew nothing about shaping of ...
Notes on planking by Bob Portsmouth
Hi It is generally accepted that the plank nearest the keel, the garboard plank, should be shaped and fitted first. Only the lower edge of the plank should be shaped, the edge that abuts the keel. The upper straight side forms a straight baseline ...

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Do you think you could send them to me??
by 794 - 1 day ago
I just purchased a Hammand & Morgan. Multipack Flash Switch Unit the input & output cords are missing, and Qhere can I purchase these. Thankyou Barry
by Guest - 5 days ago
Mike....Do you have any of the engines or parts left.....Thanks, Dave
by Engine Dave - 1 week ago
Historically these are used for moving freight and other materials aside from passengers.
by Marra M - 1 week ago
please tell me which data is used either pitch or mean effective pitch for the calculation of ship engine distance
by Guest - 1 week ago
if you have a mac drone motor for sale i need one email me
by craig - 2 weeks ago

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