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Notes on planking by Bob Portsmouth
Hi It is generally accepted that the plank nearest the keel, the garboard plank, should be shaped and fitted first. Only the lower edge of the plank should be shaped, the edge that abuts the keel. The upper straight side forms a straight baseline ...
Tips for adding planks to a model ship by Vale
Credit for this post goes to SHIPKIT. joevill3 wrote: I am starting my first double plank model ship and would like your opinion as to whether to start planking from the keel up or from the rail down. Ahoy there- The very first time I ...

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That would be great as I only have 1/2 the instructions
by Rob - 1 day ago
Very useful; I would have had no idea what the switches did and how they are set.
by John Taylor Hartwell - 2 days ago
I will give you $2,000 for all three engines and I can pay you right now through PayPal plus I will pay for the shipping. Please let me know. Thank Justin
by Justin - 1 week ago
Greetings! Wondering if you still have Revell H-246 Douglas DC-9 Bonanza Airlines decals available? Noticed the post is 2 years old, thought there may be a chance! Thanks, Scott
by Guest - 1 week ago
There is no fixing screw. The wheels and front bogie are held in place by a clip-in base to the underside of the chassis. Starting at the bogie end, gently prise up the front end of this ...
by Coltdragoon44 - 1 week ago
I am running a mix of series 3 and super 4 track with original Triang locomotives and rolling stock going back to a 1953 Princess. Lots of S4 track is available even in Canada and with the ...
by Dick H - 1 week ago
Thank you for the information. I am just finishing the planking after purchasing a couple books on the subject, which helped a lot. Dave
by Dave - Agillis - 2 weeks ago

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