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Wooden ships. First kit and planking. by Bob Portsmouth
This is my first build, Artesania's Jolie Brise, a French pilot cutter still sailing. Single planked with 2mm thick basswood planks. Luckily the paint covers the multiple layers of filler I used out of desperation. I knew nothing about shaping of ...
Notes on planking by Bob Portsmouth
Hi It is generally accepted that the plank nearest the keel, the garboard plank, should be shaped and fitted first. Only the lower edge of the plank should be shaped, the edge that abuts the keel. The upper straight side forms a straight baseline ...

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Hello I have for sale nearly all of the spares for the Hornby 31/2" live steam Rocket loco and coach all are new original Hornby spares. but due to the time they have been in storage they ...
by Guest - 2 days ago
Hi I would like to purchase some RL053 Piston rods off you could you give me your contact details. thank you Alan
by Guest - 3 days ago
Can I please get a detailed instructions manual for a anniversary edition piper cub.
by Gary - 1 week ago
Hey is there any way you still have the instructions on the blue devil destroyer my pap gave me the kit but it did not have the instruction I would love it if you could email me the copys ...
by john allen - 1 week ago
Help me plzz I have a Lindberg blue devil destroyer and no instruction is there anyone with a extra copy of them that they can send me it would be very appreciated thank you for your help
by Guest - 1 week ago
The photo Paul posted is indeed the box top art of the ITC U.S. Air Drop Paratrooper kit from the late 1950's-early 1960's. I had one as a kid in the early '60's, and thought it was great. ...
by Drew Cook - 1 week ago
Where is this at?
by Drone engine. - 1 week ago

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