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How to get your child into model building by rcramer
I love to hear about someone willing to get a child involved in model building. I can tell you what really got me interested in model building when I was about 8 years old. My dad came home with a model of a working car engine, that really ...
Hand Crafted all Aluminum P-51 Mustang by Young Park 1932-2013 by rcramer
This is an amazing all aluminum, P-51 Mustang hand crafted and scratch built by Young Park of Hawaii, 1932-2013. Mr. Park donated this model to The Internet Craftsmanship Museum where it remains to this day. If you go to the following address you ...

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Hi mike I want to buy 4 cylinder engine. Please send me pics. thanks
by kwoncho - 1 day ago
Hi Jo, I have only just seen your reply to me a year ago offering to copy the instructions for the Italeri Road Commander! (Only saw it because somebody else replied and I got ...
by Mick Wales - 1 day ago
I have a Tamiya 1/12 scale Ferrari 312b kit from the 70s but my instructions are in Japanese help! can anyone supply me with English instructions to download via email, any help will be ...
by Guest - 3 days ago
I bought a origional monogram rx7 unbuilt yesterday for 12.00 and have not been able to find any for sale to compair what the possible value could be.
by Guest - 4 days ago
I need a assembly instructions for C 130 a model number 596 anyone has these instructions please let me know and for a small fee I will pay you to send it to me
by Guest - 4 days ago
I sold these engines to Michael Strother . He can be reached at <email> . Good luck to both of you. Lane Maxwell
by Lane Maxwell - 1 week ago
I need to send me instructions for C 130 a gunship
by Guest - 1 week ago
Hi Do you have Hornby Box for a class 58 diesel in good condition?
by Guest - 1 week ago
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