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How to get your child into model building by rcramer
I love to hear about someone willing to get a child involved in model building. I can tell you what really got me interested in model building when I was about 8 years old. My dad came home with a model of a working car engine, that really operated, to put together, and it was see-through so you could see all the moving parts. I found one on eBay and have the address for it right here.

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How about donating to Museum’s for the Finished Models and maybe modeling contests or swap meets for the models to sell. good luck!
by modellover - 1 day ago
Hi :) I found similar items which are being sold around $7-$15. Can you please tell me the sizes of these models? I would love to give you specif prices. Cheers! :thumb-up: Lloyd
by Lloyd - 2 days ago
You can <email>
by Joella - 2 days ago
Night-flying Hurricanes tended to have a hybrid day and night color scheme: upper and side surfaces in dark green and dark grey (day fighter) camouflage with lower surfaces including fuel ...
by Joella - 2 days ago
Where can I find the basic tools to build a Boeing Model and the fitting batteries and other instructions?.
by Guest - 4 days ago
I would expect there would be almost no interest in kits with missing parts. Does those who buys them simply make the missing parts by themselves?
by jade - 5 days ago
To change your password you need to check the upper right corner of the page: My pages > Update My Profile > Account Info. Sorry I missed your post before, I hope I will be able to help so ...
by jade - 5 days ago
My grandson's Hornby Flying Scotsman bought new in 2012 no longer works. The motor turns OK but there seems to be a problem with the geer on the driving wheel axle. It is not locked on to ...
by Guest - 1 week ago
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