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How to get your child into model building by rcramer
‌I love to hear about someone willing to get a child involved in model building. I can tell you what really got me interested in model building when I was about 8 years old. My dad came home with a model of a working car engine, that really operated, to put together, and it was see-through so you could see all the moving parts. I found one on eBay and have the address for it right ...

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Hi trainlady. You guys sound like my house. Trains and planes. What scale trains do you guys run. H/O and O here.
by Buckshot - 3 hours ago
sign up for the forum and then we can message each other. i tried msging you and i cant because you are signed in as a guest
by Buckshot - 3 hours ago
Can someone please help me with the recipe for making your own masking fluid? I saw something in this line a couple of years ago in a club modelling magazine when I was still active in ...
by TEJones - 2 days ago
I got some glue a while ago on one of my canopies. I used toothpaste and a stack of cotton buds to polish it out. Was'nt quick but it worked. Have patience while polishing it. Hope you ...
by TEJones - 2 days ago
Wow, that's a shame. I think there are not many companies making models at all now :(
by jade - 6 days ago
I have an old Hornsby loco drive flying Scotsman and it has what I presume is a sound box in the tender. There is a brass strip and a clip on one axle, how can I make it work as the brass ...
by Colin glover - 1 week ago
Hello I need asembling instructions for an old Monogram 1/32 scale model of a mustang F51D kit PA67 498. Found it in the attick of a house we bought and it seems to be late 70's by the ...
by FMM - 1 week ago
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