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I have had a couple of instances already, where folks have inquired about the instruction sheets for the U.S.S. United States, the Revell 1:96 scale plastic model, kit number H-396. I have listed here the links to all of the sheets......the main instructions and the rigging sheet, split up in three parts. I will warn you ahead of time, that the main instructions are printed in blue ink, making them hard to read.

on some printers and / or computers, it may be possible to change the ink color, for when you go to print them. on some that are vertical, merely rotating the picture will enhance the visibility. the sheets are also listed in the order that they are located on the sheet {as a whole}.......passing your cursor over them will show you the location, taking the guesswork out of it. here they are, and have fun with your some pictures of your progress......we’d love to see it! :)

just go to this site : HTTP://cuttysarkdrydock.wordpress,com/’ll see them in the listing on the right

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Craig: Hey there,
    Just bought my first model ship to build. I purchased a Nordkap and after looking at the instructions decided to do some Internet research. Very glad I found your series of posts on this. I have not rely begun or read much of your work, but I am glad just to have some additional details to look at as I get going.
    Thanks for your posts
  • Polarbear: I think you will find seymoregutz a good person to reference with. Some wooden kits do not have good instructions. Denis not only figured things out for himself but has close contact with the Billing’s people. You won’t need to look much further for help if needed.
  • seymoregutz: the rest of the build can be found here. it is finished....came out very good despite the fact that it was an older kit.
    thank you Mr. Bear for the endorsement :)
  • USS UNITED STATES Foundation: I am Ed. Zimmerman, Jr.; Founder, President, and CEO of the USS UNITED STATES Foundation. I have personally assembled several of these models, one of which took me 1 yr., 4 mo., 14 days. I had nowhere to put it so I donated it to the Franklin Museum in Philadelphia. I’ve represented this gallant frigate since September 1978 and have done extensive research on her history and construction data. BEWARE that Revell has also produced a 1:150 scale model of the frigate and omitted the roundhouse and poop deck apparently to save money on production costs. THIS version is a sham. DON’T BUY IT!!! Currently I have two additional 1:96 versions started but not completed. It is the ultimate goal of this foundation to build a full-scale seawrthy replica of the frigate and have her based out of Ft. Mifflin in South Philadelphia. For more information contact me at <email>
  • seymoregutz: that’s O.k. Ed......I didn’t like the 1:150 version anyway. the kit still sits in my closet, waiting for the day that I decide to build her. I find it quite an honor to receive a comment like this, I thank you very much for posting.
    presently, I am quite busy building three wooden ship builds at this time. I can’t say when....but there will be a build log on this build, as I have been doing it since I started with the wood medium. I will let you know when I do......thanks again :)
  • Ed Zimmerman Jr: I, too, have several of these wrongful kits. I keep them should I harrass Revell to the point they come after me (I should be so lucky). I can’t imagine how they could be, dare I use the word, stupid. Knowing it’s wrong and doing it anyway the tag fits.
    BTW I’m getting estimates of the 24 pounder full-scale replica with carriage and accutrements. Sister Constitution has a mock-up that travels the country with demonstrations. Maybe USS UNITED STATES can do the same since Constitution’s mock-up doesn’t want to come to Vegas. Thanks for the compliments, and it is my honor to return the same. Your humble servant; Ed. Zimmerman, Jr.; F,P,CEO USS US Fdn.
  • seymoregutz: I have always wondered about that.....Revell got their information from the U.S. Dept of the Navy and the Smithsonian for the technical data on the would think that the information would transcend from scale to scale....guess the lines of communication falls short. I have always said that it’s very hard to find a kit out there, that doesn’t have a flaw or inconsistency. I have the instructions for the United States in front of me right now.....the passage in the beginning mentions the President quite a bit. perhaps the goofed and molded the hull to the President. in the 1:96 H-396 kit of the United States, the round house parts look to be ‘add on’ parts, not located on a sprue, but in a separate bag along with the rigging thread. it was the same in my first kit of her....and this one I have now is no different. revell created several ships in this series.....they are perhaps the finest work they have ever done my view {despite the flaws}. I have been modeling for many years, and Revell has been one of my primary ’suppliers’ of fine kits. it’s up to us as modelers, to do the necessary homework, in order to build the replica that it is supposed to be. I think it safe to say that if you were to build one of those 1:150 kits, you could change the name to the President, and still be in the ballpark. I won’t stick up for the model companies, but I will say that they have to produce and market them quickly, in order to get the jump on the other guys.
    Plastic is much different than wood......and a bit harder to alter, should a flaw be found. with wood, you create the part as you go along....laser cutting does help, but sometimes they are wrong as well. I do hope to see a wood kit of this fine ship....I think that aft section would be a real trip to do. I have sort of transcended from plastic to wood, building trawlers and fishing boat at the moment. I want to get a Constitution one of these days, and evolve from there. as for your cannon....there are a few places to find them....Model Expo would be the best I think. you might want to look at others as well...there are quite a few
  • Ed Zimmerman Jr: I’ve changed our e-mail address to <email>
    There is another "fly in the ointment" about the ocean liner. Call up a search for the USS UNITED STATES and the ocean liner SS UNITED STATES shows up. Slowly things are changing but the prefix USS still attaches to the ocean liner. I have no idea why this is happening.
    Although the ocean liner SS UNITED STATES was considered as a hospital ship for the United States Navy as the USS UNITED STATES, the plan never materialized. A real shame since it would save the liner, a beautiful ship to be sure. I can recall a gentleman telling me the story of the SS UNITED STATES passing his ship on his way to England, and seeing the ship going the other way returning to New York while he was still sailing for England.
    The bicentennial of the taking of HMS Macedonian arrives on 25 October 2010. Macedonian was the first enemy war ship brought to American soil as prize, taken by the USS UNITED STATES. Flag of Macedonian was presented to Dolly Madison who paraded in around her shoulders at a great naval ball celebrating two previous victories of the War of 1812.
  • Marty Johnson: I have black and white copies of revell model, FRIGATE USS UNITED STATES.
    This version and size have not been in production sence the 1980’s. I have all three instructions if anyone is interested. Model size is 36′’in length and 27" in highth ( 91.5 cm and 68.6 cm) I do have one question though, does anyone have the color sceme ?

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