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Wooden ships. First kit and planking. by Bob Portsmouth
This is my first build, Artesania's Jolie Brise, a French pilot cutter still sailing. Single planked with 2mm thick basswood planks. Luckily the paint covers the multiple layers of filler I used out of desperation. I knew nothing about shaping of ...
Notes on planking by Bob Portsmouth
It is generally accepted that the plank nearest the keel, the garboard plank, should be shaped and fitted first. Only the lower edge of the plank should be shaped, the edge that abuts the keel. The upper straight side forms a straight baseline ...

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Does anyone have the Italeri SCANIA R730 ''BLACK AMBER''kit instructions
by krw86 - 3 days ago
Solve for the engine speed and slip of a vessel with a propeller pitch of 7.71 meters, engine rpm of 100 rpm and engine speed 22.5 knots. Can you please help me this problem. Thank you.
by Guest - 5 days ago
I don't know who made it but my Dad had bought and assembled me a really cool crazy plane that had motorized wings that flapped when I was a little kid in the early 1970's and wish I knew ...
by Chris - 1 week ago
When i bought this ship there were no instruction booklet the ship is from henley hms victory
by Andrei - 1 week ago
Have any Zeros or any other 1/48 scale planes?
by Robert - 2 weeks ago
do you still have that a6 canopy? ill buy it off you.
by roy ferrara - 2 weeks ago
hi there.....I know....you hate the idea of those section joints as much as I do ;) I have the U.S.S. United States.....my second build of this fine model. I didn't want to deal with ...
by seymoregutz - 2 weeks ago

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