Where can i buy revell plastic plane model kits in dubai? please help
where can i buy revell plastic plane model kits in dubai? please help
by Guest
HELP!! Collectors Value Guide For Scale model plastic kits
Book from Mr John W. Burn.1 or several copies needed.I can buy or trade it. I have a big collection of early AIRFIX, FROG; Revell etc.
by sbeattie67
Glues for white metal kits
I fancied doing a metal kit for a change and have my eye on one of the SEFinecast car kits. Could any of you offer some advice as to which adhesives are best for white metal, please? CA 'superglue' ...
by Grambag
Vacuform kits
One of my projects for the near future is a vacuform kit (DynavectorSea Vixen) This will be my first vacformed kit. Does anybody know of a useful link regarding the building of such a model? (how ...
by Sesshomaru-sama
Pledge vs Future and preservation techniques for built kits.
Good Day Friends!I have been reading a few posts concerning Future from Johnson & Johnson (sp?) aka, I believe as Johnson's wax, where the product is used to add a sleek finished look esp. to the ...
by Deever
Pyro model gun kits
Hi-- I'm trying to find two Pyro (or Life Like) model kits to purchase. One is the Winchester Saddle Rifle and the other is the Belgian Shotgun. Does anyone know of anybody willing to sell either or ...
by fred
Broplan Kits
narrowly looking for a good source for Broplan kits, preferalby in the U.S. In that respect their new injection electronically modled 1/72 Super Cubs are a must buy.
by twigg
Biggest airplane kits and car kits?
What are the biggest airplane and car kits?I saw a huge B-52 kit one time in the 70's.What's the biggest car? I've head of a 1/8th Trans Am that's out of production. What's the biggest car still ...
by mattclements
Sell plastic madel kits
have some old madel kits that are vary good shape still in plastic wrap some of them where can i sell them
by warren
Anyone Into Model Rocket Kits?
Anyone Into Model Rocket Kits?If so, Hobby Lobby - 50% Off Coupon: wonder if you went to the cash with a Revell "Apollo Saturn V" or other ...
by Dagny_Taggart
Heller kits: soft plastic?
... ls (looks to be a French company). It was a 1/72 P-51 Mustang (I have a lot of cheapo WW2 era 1/72 kits from various countries in my kit closet. It's fun to just go through one ...
by soda
Free Vostok / Sputnik rocket kits
Well, naerly free. In general you have to suypply your own printer ink and cardstock. Besides that, though, these look like great candiudates for conversion to 13mm motors.There are also models of ...
by melia
Revell old kits, box art, etc site
found this by accident playing with Google's new "Froogle" search engine.lots of pics that I have not seen before..
by Prism
Alternatives to model kits
I know that it is possible to buy windows and doors for doll houses, but does anyone know if you can buy them for model train buildings? I am looking for alternative ways to make model train ...
by jeafl
I have 12 pre 1960 model airplane kits unassembled still in ...
I have 12 pre 1960 model airplane kits unassembled still in boxes. I want to sell them and need to know their worth
by Guest
Question about the prewar Frog kits
If I'm reading right the first line of Frog Penguins were built right up to the US entry into the war in '41. After that it seems they helped with producing aircraft recognition models. What I wanted ...
by bestfeeling
Pocher Model Car Kits for Sale
I have the following Pocher 1/8 Scale Model Car kits for sale on Ebay. Take a look:Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza 1931: Grand Prix de ...
by ross270
Dynaflite - cutting back on giant scale kits?
... iteFlybaby as discontinued, as well as the PT-19 kit. In fact, they currently show only three other kits. ref ...
by ozt
Buy sell vintage kits
We are getting questions asking about where to buy or sell old or vintage kits. Please share what you know with us.
by jade
Saturn V kits - which one?
Can anyone please recommend a decent Saturn V kit? One that is well detailed and that also fits together well with no assembly problems.
by justinmk420
I have quite a few NASCAR plastic model kits still in boxes ...
I have quite a few NASCAR plastic model kits still in boxes and plastic wrap. I want to sell them and need a source. Any direction?
by Guest
HELP NEEDED!! Collectors Value Guide For Scale model plastic kits
... book. I can pay cash or chemically trade. I have a collection of early Airfix, Frog, Revell etc. kits. If You any idea please just publicly let me ...
by Outlaw Desire
Pocher model kits
I want to start building a Pocher model kit. Which is the best one to build?
by soda 123
Where would be the best place to sell old model kits found i...
Where would be the best place to sell old model kits found in the loft. Some are complete and some have pieces missing, all original boxes. Thanks
by Guest
Revell old kits / old post / wha happened?
I don't know who to ask: I see a very old post by Prism about Revell Kit boxtops, and it has no link as promised. What does this mean? Was the post "updated" by deletion of the info? If so, why ...
by jon
Old **** freight car kits
Anyone have sources for old **** freight car kits? I rebuild old FREIGHT CAR kits and need 1. Parts such as doors, floor details, box car end and underside details,cross braces etc So far OldeHuffnPuff ...
by maindefer
Where can i get value of the over 2000 model car kits i have...
where can i get value of the over 2000 model car kits i have
by Guest
Honda SL-70 motorcycle kits?
Never had owned/ridden a bike, but they were my first childhood fascination with engines. Got my dad to take me down to the Honda dealer on weekends. He knew I wasn't gonna get a bike, and I didn't ...
by Eddie
Royal Quality Kits
I purchased a Supermarine Spitfire Junior Series (.40-.45 engine) about fifteen years ago. I was young, did not research anything about R/C, and the hobby store employee must have just been looking ...
by zapata64
Tamiya Pre-painted Car Model Kits
I saw a couple of Tamiya's new "pre-painted" car model kits. One, for example, was a Porshe race car that was painted and decaled. Anyone buy one of these kits? Are they worth the $58 price tag in ...
by desiree
ICM PST WWII SCALE models Sale! Save up to 35% on plastic model kits till Friday, August 15, 2003
Save up to 35% on plastic model kits till Friday, August 15, 2003
by rliberoff
Easy Built Models - flying balsa airplane kits $14 Canadian
Information and photos: Built flying airplane model kitsThese free-flight rubber-powered airplanes are made by Easy Built, the famous maker of classic flying ...
by Didgerido
I have various plastic kits which have long been discontinue...
I have various plastic kits which have long been discontinued, where can I get an idea of their value ? Airfix, Matchbox, Heller etc. Mostly in 1/72 and mostly Aircraft.
by Guest
Vintage 1967 lindberg model kits
I have several lindberg model kits that date back to the 1960s and possibly the 1950s . these are in unopened condition still wrapped in the original platic with cardboard boxes , artwork by ray g ...
by jeff b
Where to buy Vacuform model kits
Just wondering where a guy can buy vacuform aircraft kits. Have had no luck so far Thanks Dave
by dave58stewart
by Guest
1/ 72 Kits at war decal sets
I am looking for Kits at war decal sets in 1/72 with South African Air Force Aircraft in WWII. Any help will be appreciated. Thanx
by Terrance
by mole21401
Would you prefer ready made locos and and trains or kits?
Hi I was wondering if you could buy ready made train sets would you? or would you always opt for the kit? Myself - I like doing it myself :)
by Sean
Tamiya Panther Tank Kits Questions
I have a few of the old panther tanks and am just about through with theG Late model.The difference btwn the two is like night and day.Question. Was the early Panther as simple as the kit or was the ...
by pharmhouse

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