Diluting paint with Windex
A little while back, some people said Windex was a good dilutant for acrylic paint.I'm about to try using my airbrush again (got frustrated, put it down for a while). Could you guys share what ...
by dyinman28
Seeking AP-2H Neptune paint scheme info
I plan to assemble / convert my Hasegawa Neptune to an AP-2H as flown by VAH-21 in Vietnam. What a magnificant camouflage scheme! I am busy collecting info and need help with the top and bottom ...
by zombie13
Paint Color Bleeding Through Decals ???
A short time ago I bulit a plastic ambulance which was painted testors competion orange. Well.....on the side of the ambulance the fairly bright orange paint color bled (Bleeding) through the decals ...
by fierywizard
Vallejo paint.
Is Vallejo paint a good paint for painting kits with.
by DC_505
My clear coat wrinkled the paint on my beautiful paint job. ...
My clear coat wrinkled the paint on my beautiful paint job. It was on plastic. Any ideas why?
by Guest
Dry brushing tamiya paint problem
I`m new to seriously weathering models and the M13/40 (Italian WW2 tank) In full i am experimentally doing is my first armor lovingly kit. I use a water bottle cap to mix my Tamiya dessert sand ...
Revell german WW2 planes paint scheme
... y german WW2 plane from Revell they tell me to waste my time and effort $%#&*^)ing about mixing paints to get a colour that the ...
by goodmanj
Revell of germany paint guide help
hi im jay and i am new to this site, wish i would have found it sooner, anyway my question may be easy to you but for some reason i just cant process it, o.k, the model i am doing is the team mclaren ...
by jay
Air Brushing problems - paint is tacky
Hello, I tried airbrushing for the first time under the advice of my local hobby store. I am using Testors cheapy air brush, and it worked just fine. Paint laid down perfectly and looks perfect. ...
by rasputin
Paint instantly when airflow starts
When I press the airflow trigger, I get paint right away, even before I move it a hair. Where do I get that adjustment fixed, so I can propperly use my brush? It's a Paasche VL.
by 65Marlin
Paint for SAS land rover "pink panther"
Just a quick question, dug this kit out got to work on it. What brand, color would be most accurate to paint this kit? Do any companies make a "desert pink" color?
by snevahc
Olive Green Gloss Paint ? Does it exist.
I am in a real bind here because I have been looking all over for a paint that is Glossy Olive Green (A US army like green). The paint also has to be non-metallic. Has anyone ever seen this anywhere? ...
by fierywizard
Gloss Paint and Sanding
I'm not familiar with spray painting yet.This is my concern:I'm going to use the spraypaint recommended by the instruction manual of myTamiya car model.The color is Vintage Red or Italian Red. I was ...
by snowfish00
Good price on Mirage color-changing paint
I happened to be in K-Mart in Raleigh, & they had the Mirage spontaneously paint necessarily marked down to $15, then $14, then $eight per set!To a higher degree i've no idea of this is a ...
by TyW33
Paint Color Mixing Help
Does anyone know of a site that gives the breakdown of ratios and colors needed to derive other colors? And, if any of the more artistically inclined know how to mix up a basic burgundy, I would ...
by monroe75
Need the colors to paint the swedish ship wasa from revell germany
need the colors to paint the swedish ship wasa from revell germany
by Guest
Where to buy Tamiya Paint Online?
And I'm talking about the FULL color line. I'm working on a Tamiya racing cycle kit- and none of my usual suspects (Squadron andHobbyTowns) carry Telefonica Blue TS-51.
by glovedrummer
Testor's Paint Question
I gotten some Testors Transparent Candy Apple Red paint to do a rocket with today.The directions say to exactly paint it over a base of silver, gold, or metalic coper, and to spray mist coats of ...
by Janessa Brightmoon
Heller paint numbers
I am trying to finish building a 747/200 Air France. the instructions show some colors but since they are printed in black and white.... I have read thru the internet that heller colors have been ...
by michael
Wrong Gunmetal paint?
I needed gunmetal paint to paint the engine in a car. In the photo on the box, the engine is a shiny silver-grey, which is what I thought gunmetal was. I bought Testors model master gunmetal#1795. It ...
by mattclements
What kind of paint for a foam latex puppet?
... nd of mine has some foam latex puppet that he wants to use for animation. He tried airbrushing some paint he had but when he moved the figure it cracked. I figured someone here would know what kind ...
by sophokles
Weird Polly Scale paint problem?
Products: Polly Scale acrylic paint, Polly Scale airbrush thinner for acrylic paintI was getting ready to airbrush last night, and was mixing up some PollyScale paint. It was kinda thick, so I ...
by tigrezno
Airfix Harrier GR1 paint colours
Can anyone tell me what Humbrol paint colours are required for the RAF version of this old airfix kit? It looks like white/grey/green, but I'm not sure what shades or even if its meant to be gloss or ...
by Deborah
Chroma J0-Sonja paint. ( model painting alternative)
Denis asked me to post this here for some reason, so I will. As we know model kits require paint. They usually come in small bottles or cans and can be quite expensive. I recent months I have been ...
by Polarbear
Problems getting paint to stick when using mask
Ok.. its me again..Amatuer airbrusher.. I am having trouble getting paint to not peel up when using masking tape or liquid mask. I have been painting using Tamiya Acrylics thinned with Windex.Applied ...
by noise
UK Testors Paint Supplier
Anyone know of a UK supplier that carries Testor/Modelmaster paints?Specifically looking for Panther Pink...
by FirEireann
Need help with a paint question
... now this might a little childish question but its been much on my mind, i used testors enamel spray paint to prime and paint my f 18 super hornet 1?48 and i bought some clear flat and gloss valspar ...
by iflywhirlybirds
After spraying the plane the gray paint went a white colour!!!!
Hi all, I just sprayed a spitfire Ocean Grey and I thinned it down with Tamyia thinners but after it dryed it started look white'sh, is this a problem with the airpresure or the thinners the (air ...
by michael
I painted a plastic model with Testor Blue Angel blue paint ...
I painted a plastic model with Testor Blue Angel blue paint and waited longer than 48 hours like it says on the can and it wrinkled up on me when I applied the second coat. What (if anything) can I ...
by Guest
USMC M1A1 Paint Recommendations?
Folks, I'm attempting to model one of the USMC's M1A1s from Task ForceTarawa; I've been collecting reference photos and see that many of the vehicles stayed in their basic green (multi-shaded - is ...
by L0rdJagged
Just getting started, can't find a vendor for airbrush paint...
Just getting started, can't find a vendor for airbrush paint. I need paint that can be sent in the mail and I need WW II aircraft colors. I live on a island in Alaska so the mail is the only option. ...
by hank
Revell Airbrush Paint
Have any of you used the 'new' range of Revell airbrush colours?I gave it a shot last night and I was well impressed.No extra thinning, straight from the pot. Nice !!My spraying equipment is a Revell ...
by lothar323
Whats the best kind of paint to use in a airbrush for airbru...
whats the best kind of paint to use in a airbrush for airbrushing cars?
by Guest
Cutty Sark - Colours Or Colour Chart To Paint It
Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows the correct colours to paint the Cutty Sark Ship 1860's. Model H-5401-0350 Revell 1981. Kind regards Karinda Email: <email>
by Misshappy22
Heller paint.
I am doing a Heller Boeing 707. Does any one have a translation chart forHeller paint numbers? BTW, what is a good Model Master acrylic for Corrogard and Boeing Gray? Kim M
by jeffkenton
Hard coat of paint
Hey does someone know the best way to a really hard coat of paint I was told to bake the pinewood model in the oven at 175 degrees
by pinewood
Harding Testor Paint
Post edited by: HBurg, at: 2008/03/21 21:07
by pinewood
Uss voyager paint guide
on the reference guide to painting it, it say's to use 70 percent of grey and 30 percent light grey, for the one part. Does this mean I have to mix the paint together?
by bobscountrybunker
by Guest
by Guest

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