Just found another RC Shop in Hong Kong
Check this out , looks like their price is more competitive.
by MT
How to open a small hobby shop
I would like to open a small hobby shop because my son loves it so much. Does anyone know where I could by model kits wholesale to get started? thanks
by Crystal
Model Shop in Hong Kong
Hi : Just found a new model shop in Hong Kong have quite a lot of discontinuous products, SF model, F1 car eg ... a tresure island for all collector and model maker. you can take a look the web ...
by Model Rider
Where can i find a rc plane hobby shop that sells the formos...
where can i find a rc plane hobby shop that sells the formost 160 rc turbine jet
by Guest
Where is the large Hobby Shop in Orlando,Fl please
Where is the large Hobby Shop in Orlando,Fl please
by Guest
Fargo ND Hobby Shop Going Out of Business
Subject header says it all, Baders' Hobby Shop in Moorhead,Minnesota (just across the river from Fargo) will be starting its going out of business sale on Monday the 7th of June. I have no idea waht ...
by gwrocks01
Best Model Shop in East Germany
According to Stasi records is under the runway of a Berlin airport, bunkers full of armed and gassed Luftwaffe last-ditch effort bombers and fighters...along with tons of unexploded bombs.
by mikerubin
Where i can find rc shop in hongkong... i want buy RC car.. ...
where i can find rc shop in hongkong... i want buy RC car.. anyone have the website..??
by Guest
Phone number for Dons hobby shop?
phone number for Dons hobby shop?
by Guest
Quick hobby shop question
Hi I am looking for a hobby shop in Georgia that sells diecast airplanes. Any Ideas? thanks
by Brandy
Re: Paasche airbrush problems
hmmm...I posted my results Sunday, and have yet to se them appear here.I went to a local hobby shop for the first time Saturday to get some misc items, and was pleased to see they carry Paasche parts ...
by Franck
The search for the United States
... .S. United States, 1:96 scale, made by Revell. I bought her back in the late 80's-early 90's from a shop, long since closed down. she was a stunning ship, wide in girth and measuring 37 inches long ...
by seymoregutz
Re: Using CO2 with Airbrush
... well, Rufus, but that means SCUBA cylinders, yearly inspections and the strange looks from my dive shop owner when I'm getting the cylinders filled in December - he knew I wasn't diving then... From ...
by Vascero
Models and me {part #4}
The roses didn't hit their intended target, not right away. Instead, they won me an ally, her mother. With her help, the tide soon changed direction and at her mother's urging, convinced Phyl ...
by seymoregutz
The Cutty Sark - a build log {part 2}
I left off the first part, with a shot of the Cutty with some of the decals on it already. I saw a point in the build where I could apply them without hindrance from parts that would be in the ...
by seymoregutz
Tri-ang Restoration Masterclass
... e at present returning to the field of retailing model railways in the new year working from a tiny shop. The subject for restoration is the common all garden Tri-ang R.758 Hymek Diesel locomotive ...
by thetriangman
Re: Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 colors
Yes, but: First batch of Hurricanes were delivered with the undersides painted all aluminum. When Fighter command decreed that black-white was to be used, squadrons all ready issued aircraft had to ...
by Sharkman
Help with screen printing water slide decals
I don't usually post here, but thought someone amongst you might be able to help me.I've started making bicycle frames (full-size ones), and additionally am restoring a really old racing bicycle. ...
by MaksupaPoliceman
Re: Will a bachmann train run on a hornby track
That said, I have just found an R.900 in the back of the shop brand new but without it's packing and box.
by thetriangman
Re: I have a tender driven Lima 2-6-0 with really detailed valve...
Sounds like the usual wheel problem with these locos, pushed out of gauge, the lima models are prone to shrinkage of the plastic with age, it can cause wheels to become loose on axles and move with ...
by thetriangman
Re: Can anyone help a 6 year old with a hornby points problem? I...
A little off-topic, but I hope I can address what look like some misconceptions. Thetriangman - what you describe as "electrofrog" turnouts sounds more like "power-routing" - electrofrog points by ...
by JB of Brisbane
Re: Sterling Piper Tri Pacer and R/C Spitfire plans
Hi! I have been looking for the plans for the tri pacer ever sence I saw one in a thrif shop in astoria oregon 6 months ago.I would also like a set of plans for the tri pacer if that would be ...
by lynn54
Re: Enamel over Acrylic
... et some sort of sealant such as clear acrylic or varnish, etc... Thankyou for the advice. Shame the shop isn't open on Sundays. ...
by easykill
Re: Brick and Mortar hobby shops fading fast? Sometime back on a...
Sadly it's the way of todays modern world. The small bricks and mortar shop is a dying breed. Here in the UK small model shops are fading fast, the big discount model supermarkets such as Hattons, ...
by thetriangman
Re: Mold Making Question - How To Make A Negative From A Positiv
... an object is completely different to its, well- mirror image.What you can do is get an engineering shop to pantograph it into a CAD ...
by AzHP
Re: Which is hotter: Solvaset or MicroSol?
Champ's definitely smelled of onions. I think you have to order it straight from them now but back in the '60s I found some in a small shop. It was my first setting solution.
by byeedog
Re: I need the Italeri schnellboot assembly instuctions 1:35
Dear Robert , The official company called Italeri did not provide me a copy . Instead of that they said me : we will send it tomorrow , the day after , the day after , just playing with me. ...
by Nikos
Acetone and Reducer...Differen ce?
I am putting a fiberglass resin on the floats for my DehavillandBeaver to waterproof them and also about to lay a woven mat on the bottom of the floats for scuffs on the beach etc... I have already ...
by ObliviousFool
Re: Balsa Body Tubes
Sure. It's largher around than a paper or vellum tube, but it is much lihgter, & tremendously more durable than velum. 1. Find a mandrel. I use a piece of K&S 1/2" tubing with one wrap of ...
by symorne
Don's Hobbies in Greeley Colorado Sold to New Owner?
I went to Don's Hobbies in Greeley, CO. Saturday and a couple of their staff told me that the owner had sold out to someone new. The place was packed with customers and they were not able to give any ...
by MacEriu
The Cutty Sark - a build log {part 3}
... o produce these particular decals, a scan of these decals would have to be manipulated with a paint shop program. The depth markers are made up in a group of roman numerals, stacked one on top of ...
by seymoregutz
Re: Aerographics balsa/tissue flyable Swordfish?
Lander writesDunno exactly, to me it's just liquid stuff that shrinks, seals and glues tissue to the balsa frame. Others probably know a lot more about it than me, I just bought some of the stuff ...
by dreadie
Re: Bachmann 8/21 pin decoders - Best cheap DCC on the market?
... er is best avoided as early examples suffered from a reset problem and stocks of these may still on shop shelves. The ...
by thetriangman
Hobby shops in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland)
... od modelling store in Warsaw and Kracow ... I'll also visit Wroklaw , I wonder if there's any hobby shop there tks in advanceJulian 'Yuri' from ...
by Beezer34
Re: P-38 Lightning, Me.109 and FW-190 plans from ROYAL or MARUTAKA
Hi Bill, My lo9cal model shop/kit producer has a large A0 printer so I hope the file I receive will be able to be printed out on that. br Steve
Re: Im a fishing rod builder and have a decal ??
... sh i had better news for you. I had a thought though. go to a staples, or a kinkos...any printing shop and pose the question to them. back in the early days of decal making, folks made up their ...
by seymoregutz
Re: Does anyone make precut wooden decks for revel's 1/96 constitution? Or do I...
hi there.....I hate the idea of those section joints as much as I do ;) I have the U.S.S. United second build of this fine model. I didn't want to deal with the section ...
by seymoregutz
Re: Wal Mart Model selection
... g out local family owned businesses?In my opinion, it makes better sense to support the local hobby shop ...
by desiree
Re: King of Mississippi River Boat (artesania Latina Kit)
Hi. Doug here. I have just completed my first boat. Did not come out to bad. Have just orded the King of the mississpi. Putting the plank in the water is also a long process. I went & found a company ...
by Doug
Re: Bachmann Deltic Review.
Now translate that into salaried time.... It's astonishing to me what peolple will think is "just a simple job of measuring." Merely comparing design drawings to works drawinsg can take hours. And ...
by The Gneech

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